Full Stack Engineer, Financial Products

Posted 07 Apr 2020


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Full Stack Engineer, Financial Products

Stripe builds economic infrastructure with a mission to increase the GDP of the internet. Historically, Stripe has been known for making the acceptance of payments easy for developers. With Atlas, Sigma, and other products we have in the works, we’ve moved beyond payments and “up the stack” to help our users run their businesses more effectively.

We’re working on an exciting host of new financial products for our users — and we’re looking for early engineers to join our small (but mighty!) team. We’re looking for people with a strong background or interest in building successful products or systems; you’re comfortable in dealing with lots of moving pieces; you have exquisite attention to detail; and you’re comfortable learning new technologies and systems. You will:

Be actively involved in strategic direction and product decisions.
Iterate rapidly on features, tooling, and processes as we launch the first versions of new products.
Work closely with our users and financial partners on a daily basis.
Work with a wide range of systems, processes and technologies to own and solve problems from end-to-end.
Design, build, and maintain APIs, user-facing experiences, services, and systems.
Engineer solutions across systems such as core money-movement infrastructure, data pipelines, banking systems, and more.
Leverage the best of Stripe’s stack or build from the ground up when prudent.
Debug production issues across services at multiple levels of the stack.

We’re looking for someone who has:

An entrepreneurial spirit and enjoys moving quickly on new, green-field products.
Experience as a generalist working on both the frontend, backend, and anything it takes to solve problems and delight users.
A high bar when working with production systems.
Ability to collaborate in a fast paced environment involving different stakeholders and subject matter experts.
Experience working with a diverse group of people with different expertise. Almost every role at Stripe collaborates with some engineers, from Sales and Support in sharing feedback from our customers, to Legal and Accounting in supporting our systems for tracking money movement and reporting around the world.
Ability to think about systems and services and write high quality code. We work mostly in Ruby, with some Go and Javascript. However, languages can be learned: we care much more about your general engineering skill than knowledge of a particular language or framework.
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